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Are you sick of how you feel?

Do you lack the motivation to eat well and move more?

Or, feel confused about all the health information out there today?

Do you want to FINALLY lose those excess kg's and tone up?

Are you ready to feel proud of you body? Comfortable in your clothes & excited for summer?

*100% money back guarantee


Your nutrition and lifestyle choices pave the way for the body and health you desire!

Ditching body fat and losing weight can be an ever-confusing task when there is so much conflicting information about what to eat, what not to eat, how much to exercise and so on. The problem with many 'diet's and 'programs' are that they don't coach and guide you through a nutrition AND lifestyle approach, that takes into account all aspects of your health and your life. 

Body Blitz is not a quick-fix, it is no miracle cure and it does require you to take action and put yourself first. With your commitment to ditching the kg's and prioritising your health, you will achieve greatness! I'm ready, are you?

We give you all the knowledge and support for you to feel fabulous this summer and to maintain this NEW YOU for life.

Imagine what life would be like to FINALLY feel proud of, and enjoy your body!

You will:

  • Gain clarity around your current state of health
  • Learn how to nourish your body
  • Develop a deeper self-awareness
  • Understand the core principals of health
  • Lose body fat the healthy way!
  • Reduce any digestive symptoms
  • Identify inflammation within your body
  • Naturally increase your energy levels
  • Gain a deeper, more rested sleep
  • Sense a new lease on life
  • Enjoy, understand & appreciate your body more than you have done in years....or ever!


What's included:

  • 6 weeks of unlimited support

  • Private facebook group for all members

  • 6 weekly group coaching calls

  • Personalised food, exercise & sleep diary assessment

  • Sample meal plan

  • Shopping list

  • Recipes

  • Workbook

  • Toxin reduction tools

  • Life-changing nutrition information

  • Accountability

  • Q&A


Imagine taking control of your health over the next 6 weeks and finally knowing how to fuel your body without the confusion, having the motivation to get to the gym and to actually enjoy your workout. Imagine having permission to rest, to slow down and recharge the batteries of life. Imagine loving yourself! Having gratitude for the body that you have and appreciating the body that you are transforming to a more healthier and happier YOU.

Look no further as I have developed this program for YOU! 





This program is valued at well over $1800! Secure your spot today for ONLY $247!



Alchemy of Wellness is committed to providing an excellent service with all clients utmost wellbeing in mind. If at any point during the program, a client is not satisfied with the service received, at their request, Alchemy of Wellness will provide further support until a successful result has been achieved. In the unlikely event that this does not happen, Alchemy of Wellness will provide a full refund for the program costs.



Call Bianca today on 0402 377 529 to discuss the program further or alternatively email me below.


I actually don’t even know where to start. Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks. I have learned so much, that its hard for me to justify it in writing. I can now make better food choices, and not that I’m 100% there yet, I understand that it is a work in progress. The facebook group works well, I think it is a platform a lot of people are comfortable with and it was obvious that everyone is at slightly different stages and levels in their own health and wellness journey but that made it really interesting too.

I’m so glad that I can see these things now. I’m not just making excuses anymore. I recognise my WHY and I’m working now to get to my goals..

Your passion for health is incredible and truly infectious.
I hope one day I will be able to continue of this journey with you.
If I could scream from the roof tops so that everyone could hear about how much I recommend Bianca I would! I recently took part in the 6 week ‘Road to Renew’ program, and my outlook on health and wellness has forever changed. I have been able to learn and adjust my health in many ways, some subtle and some dramatic thanks to Bianca. The holistic approach to the many facets of a busy lifestyle manages to make achieving my health goals realistic. I know understand why I need to feed, hydrate, rest and enjoy my body and I have the knowledge now so there is nothing in my way.
Thank you Bianca!
I’ve always been interested in different aspects of health and achieving optimal health for myself so was intrigued as to what was involved in the 6 week ‘Road to Renew’ wellness program and Bianca’s holistic approach to health. Bianca’s program did not disappoint and I’ve learnt so much about my own health and well being in a positive and supportive environment where I felt comfortable enough to share my own journey and experiences without judgement. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to improve their health and lifestyle.
I have just completed Bianca’s 6 week program ‘Your Road to Renew’ and wow it was amazing!!!
Before signing up I was always curious about these types of programs but then I thought why not just try it out... and I did!
I found the program so insightful and interesting and very easy to adapt into my life.
Throughout the 6 weeks I’ve learnt so much about nutrition, sleeping, meditation, exercising and have heaps of new recipes.
It has just changed my whole way of thinking in so many different aspects of life! One thing I loved about Bianca is that she knows
it is very much about conscious choices and making small steps to reach the bigger picture. And you could tell that with all her feed back in the Facebook group she was just excited as we were!!
I highly recommend this program to anyone that’s curious or looking at making healthy and conscious lifestyle choices!!