The Bars® can have a dramatic positive impact on:

  • Sleep
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Productivity
  • Peace
  • Body image
  • Fear
  • Headaches
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Creativity
  • Birthing process
  • Addictions 
  • Health
  • Money
  • Control
  • Joy
  • Sadness


Click below to hear the Founder of Access Consciousness; Gary Douglas and clients explain the Access Bars®

Click to watch a YouTube clip on the Access Bars®, by neuroscientist
Dr Jeffrey L Fannin. 


Would you like life to come to you with more ease & joy?

Access Consciousness was founded in 1995 by Gary Douglas and co-created by Dr Dain Heer in 2000. Access Consciousness offer tools that create dramatic change for things you have not been able to change in your life, until now!

Access is about creating a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you? 

Do you experience anxiety, depression, fatigue, limiting beliefs, stress, poor body image, low self-confidence, or physical pain?

What if you could change the thoughts, feelings and points of view that limit you and your body?

The Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that store and release an electromagnetic charge associated with any thoughts, ideas, beliefs, judgements and points of view that we have in this lifetime and any other lifetimes.

The electromagnetic charge that our fixed ideas, points of view, beliefs, etc, are barriers to us living the life we desire. 

There are bars for Healing, Body, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Ageing, Joy and Money, just to name a few. 

When The Bars are lightly touched, the electromagnetic charge is then released which removes barriers, limitations and stuck energy from the mind and body. This allows for you to move through life with more ease, joy and glory.

Every time you create a fixed point of view, you put up a brick wall and limit your ability to see a situation any differently. The Access Bars release these brick walls, one brick at a time and create more space for new possibilities in your life. 

How can it get any better than that?

When having your Bars run, you will generally leave feeling calm, at peace, with space and clarity. It can also change you life!



    Combining the hands-on body processing and verbal processing, has seen many changes in bodies that were previously thought impossible.

    Often we cannot put into words what it is that is keeping us "stuck" but this "stuckness" is energy. This energy can remain stuck in the unconscious and can too manifest in the physical body where it can show itself as pain, dis-ease and illness.

    What is Body Processing and how does it work?

    The hands-on body processing uses different hand placements on parts of the body and then I asks energies to run on each spot. Body processing is used for any specific physical issue, to help heal the body. There are several hands-on body processing techniques for physical concerns and they all work by activating the energy within the body, to allow for healing and clearing.

    Imagine being able to create dramatic healing and change by activating your body's innate ability to self-heal!

    These body processes are very gentle and only require a light touch. They have been used to reverse and change conditions including cancer, asthma, sports injuries, arthritis, fertility issues, weight issues, they unlock cellular memory and increase our capacity for oxygen, plus SO MUCH MORE! The body processes allow you and your body to be the greatness it is meant to be! 

    Sessions: 60 minutes
                       90 minutes with The Bars®

    What is Verbal Processing and how does it work?

    Verbal processing is worked in with The Bars® and the Body Processes to enhance the clearing of subconscious and unconscious limitations. When you are discussing what areas of your life you would like to change, I identify when there is "stuck" energy and I ask certain questions to bring up that energy and then clear it from your mind, using a 'clearing statement'. We do not need to cognitively understand what the limitation is as the 'clearing statement' will release the stuck energy associated with that limitation. This clearing allows for more ease and choice in your life!

    The hands-on body processing & verbal processing can be used in a session in addition to The Bars® or as a separate appointment for a more specific physical or subconscious concern.

    Sessions: 60 minutes
                       90 minutes with The Bars®



    60 minute session = $99

    90 minute session = $140

    Contact me today to schedule a session or enquire for more information!



    "I have always been interested in alternative treatments, having recently tried Reiki and had lots of positive results from that. I saw Bianca post about access bars one night in her Facebook group and it immediately looked like something I needed to try so I booked in!

    Before the session I was feeling stuck in my own head. Very quick to react in a negative way to any stresses in life which was making me really upset and causing a tense atmosphere at home. I felt like I had a million things running through my head and like I was stuck living day to day without seeing the bigger picture. Like I was giving myself to everything going on in my life but not seeing any rewards. Not a lot of excitement about my life and no clear direction to wear it was going.

    The experience during the session was Amazing! When I first lay down I thought it might take me awhile to relax as there was no music playing but that wasn’t the case at all. I immediately felt so much energy in my body. Every bar that was being ‘massaged’ gave me different feelings. Some bars where more emotional then others but I could definitely feel a lot of negative energy being cleared from my bars. Can’t really explain it but it’s definitely something everyone needs to experience.

    I left the appointment in such a different headspace. Straight after I felt so happy. Since the appointment I have found myself so much more prouductive in my home and work life. More patietent with my kids and overall just a feeling of joy. Things have already started becoming clearer in work and home and I am excited about what each new day will bring.

    Bianca made me feel so welcome and at ease. She explained what access bars are in a way that was easy to understand. Throughout the session she would check if I was ok especially if it was a particularly emotional bar. She gave me the time to debrief after the session and checked in again a few days after the session. Absolutely amazing service and it is clear Bianca loves what she does.

    Would I recommend Bianca and Access bars to others?

    Yes yes and yes. I have already told everyone I know about it! I really think everyone should try it at least once. If you go in with an open mind and trusting heart you will feel the benefits. I have decided to commit to an access bars treatment as much as possible as part of my own self care. It is also something I will consider purchasing as a gift because I am sure whoever receives it will be as blown away as I am!"