15th - 21st October 2018


Come and spend 6 days with us at our retreat home 'Heaven in Bali' and revel in the magical scenery and tranquility of Ubud.

We are offering you the opportunity to join us on an experience of a life-time, where

Lose weight permanently

Build your self-confidence

Let go of limiting beliefs

Overcome emotional eating

Feel energised from natural food, mindset & lifestyle

Eat according to your individual needs

Develop a balanced lifestyle

Learn & love who you are

Upgrade your health and happiness, for life



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Master Your mind

You will be shown how to take control of your thoughts, feelings & actions, to lose weight permanently with ease and joy in life. This include booting emotional eating & reclaiming a peaceful mind.

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Nourishing Nutrition

You get to enjoy 3 local organic meals cooked onsite for you each day, while feeling inspired & motivated to continue this way of eating for life. Put your feet up & fuel your body from the inside out.


Peace & Pampering

This stunning location based just outside of Ubud is simply breathtaking. Feel at peace while you have a massage, swim in the pool or read your book taking in all that's around you.

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Coaching Sessions

Daily group coaching sessions, as well as individual sessions to enhance your weight loss, happiness and optimal health. You will overcome mind barriers & step into your power of creating your life. Your coaching sessions are tailored to you & your unique goals and needs.


Effective Movement

Includes daily yoga & gentle movements to support weight loss. Learn a variety of movements to take home to implement into your life, which are enjoyable, effective and easy to follow. You will also receive personalised 1:1 postural & movement analysis which will provide an understanding of how to move according to your needs.


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A Life-Changing Experience

You will learn how to step away from the diets & finally know how to fuel your body for permanent weight loss. You will experience a powerful holistic approach that is guaranteed to take your health to the next level.


Implement all of your weight loss wisdom into your own life

Lose weight and keep it off

Gain energy to live your life with more ease

Feel healthy from the inside out

Have confidence in public

Let go of fear of judgement

Overcome limiting beliefs

See the beauty that your body truly is

Feel more than GOOD ENOUGH!

And more!...

You will have all of your questions answered, as Kristy and Bianca are available throughout the week for group queries as well as personal questions.

These coaching sessions and the support of the group will ensure that you lose weight and keep it off for life,
when you follow the steps outlined for you. It really is that easy!

Permanent weight loss & optimal health is literally at your fingertips, if you choose it.

Meet Your Coaches


Bianca Langstaff - Alchemy of Wellness

For many years I struggled with a lack of self-confidence, poor body image, confusion and low motivation. I then found myself saying, "Next week I'll start!" But after countless failed attempts, I finally educated myself on how to lose weight the healthy way and threw away all the diets that never served me – and there were a lot, let me tell you!

And the results spoke for themselves! I lost 22kgs over 18 months!!! Some days were hard, others were easy. It is now one of my most proudest achievements and wow, what a good feeling it is!

I did this by moving more, eating smarter, improving my mindset & busting those limiting beliefs! Who needs those, right?! I didn’t restrict calories! I learnt to listen to my body and understand what it needed. This was going to be a marathon not a sprint and with sheer determination, I got there. I felt full of energy, confident in public and for the first time in my life, I was proud of my body! Halleluiah!

Fast forward many years, I moved away from my counselling role and followed my passion where I became a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute and a Weight Loss Coach. Now I too, give back something truly amazing to the world on a daily basis - something close to my heart; coaching women to lose the weight and keep it off for life!

Not only do my clients achieve their healthy ideal weight, they regain their confidence, feel energised each day, finally love their body and feel comfortable in their own skin. They feel happy....genuinely happy.

My coaching combines a thorough study of the relationship between food, mind and lifestyle, along with the tools to create individualised plans to ensure my clients achieve lasting weight loss. I understand the important roles that mindset, sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques and movement play in improving the weight, health & happiness of my clients.  And with this, my clients are able to achieve permanent weight loss with the confidence and energy to live their best life.

If this is what you deeply desire, it is possible for you too! Join Kristy & I at The Power of You and we will show you exactly how!

Ph: +61402 377 529


Kristy Obst Mind/Body Coaching

Hi, I am a Personal Trainer, Life coach and Holistic Health Coach. 

An early start to a career in hairdressing lead me to eating whatever I could when I the had time. Getting through the days with caffeine and easy processed foods. I was also that age where drinking and partying on the weekend was what life was all about. This all lead me to a body that was overweight and an extremely poor fitness level for a young woman.  Feeling tired, fluctuating emotions and a lack of self love/worth and confidence. I realised I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

I chose to make a change. I wanted to look good and feel good about myself. Not really knowing where to start, I joined a gym and they assigned me a personal trainer. The support, love and feeling of accomplishment I received from training with Emma (who is now one of my closest friends) gave me back my confidence, passion and drive for life. I then decided hang up scissors and make personal training my career.

However, I knew there was more to just training people than the physical aspect. The mind is the most powerful tool in getting or not getting what we want so my next step was to become a life coach. I studied and found a mentor in Carl Massy. This opened my eyes to the many different aspects of the mind and healing the body. I decided to further my studies and become a Holistic Life Coach with the CHEK Institute. Learning a deeper understanding about the body and health problems looking at the system as a whole unit. Through my own experiences and working with clients for years, I know the only way to a healthy, happy, fulfilled life is taking a holistic approach to your lifestyle. Everything in us is integrally linked, you can’t work on one part of you without impacting others, positive or negative.

By joining Bianca and I for The Power of You, you will see the greatness that your body can achieve with long term weight loss and the happiness you truly deserve!

Ph: +61429 680 402