I absolutely love helping women fall in love with themselves & shift unwanted weight as a result.

Here is what some of my beautiful clients have to say:

Meg L

Size 24 - Before the program.jpg

Size 24 down to a size 18, in 5 months

“When I started with Bianca’s group coaching, I felt down within myself. Once starting the program I learnt so much, not only about good fats, sleep patterns and our water intake but also to listen to what my body was telling me. I don’t generally like weighing myself but I do know that I was verging on a size 24 when I started the 6-week group coaching program. I have continued to implement what I learnt in the program about quality nutrition and positive lifestyle factors.

It’s been a great journey from the start to the finish and I still receive support from the Facebook page, with great tips to use in my everyday life.Today I feel really good! I am looking after myself, I enjoy going to the gym and feeding my body with good fats. Today I am a size 18 and I look and feel really good!
Thank you so much Bianca for what you have done, I am really thankful.”

“I joined Body 4 Life 7 weeks ago. Coming into B4L I had clear goals that I wanted to reach. I made these goals guided by Bianca and I really thought that the goals I set at the beginning were going to bring me freedom, happiness and self love.

Each week I listened to Bianca’s coaching call (I listened to the coaching calls over and over again). I implemented each step everyday and learnt to trust the process.

My biggest goal starting B4L was to lose 10kg. All I wanted to see was 59.9kg on the scales.
In my head this would bring me happiness and freedom.

I had an obsession with the scales and would weigh myself EVERYDAY. The scales dictated my mood & happiness each and everyday.

I no longer weigh myself everyday as that number on the scales doesn’t determine my happiness.

I’ve learnt to trust the process and put myself and health first. I have non-negotiable tasks everyday, such as 24 hour planning, movement, 2L water, self love. I’ve involved my family every step of the way. Creating a healthy lifestyle for my whole family.
In total I’ve lost 3.1 kg and 19cm in total.
But... more importantly I feel AMAZING.

I truely believe that when we get healthy on the inside, the weight will fall off’.

I’ve certainly had my challenges on the way and some days were harder than others.
Now I look forward to creating the most amazing whole foods meals for my family.

Thank you for reading my story, I really hope I may have inspired someone to make their health a non-negotiable and create a plan so you can move closer to your dreams.

Because.... Healthy feels amazing!”
— Miranda P

Bronwyn W

Total weight-loss to date = 20kg's in 5 months

"I have been seeing Bianca for a few months now and wish I had found her many years ago.  She has helped me shift the focus from numbers on the scale to looking after myself and improving my overall physical health, mental health and lifestyle.  Bianca has a gentle, yet firm approach and helps you to set achievable goals.  It has been so nice to work with a wellness coach who is supportive, listens and works in partnership to help improve your wellbeing.

The weight loss has almost become a positive side effect to improving my overall health.  The changes we made seemed daunting at first, but incorporating the changes into my everyday life has become the norm and so easy to continue.  I am thankful that I have found a wellness practitioner that cares about your mind, body and lifestyle and not just sticking to a prescriptive calorie counting program.

I have more energy, actually enjoy cooking and eating yummy wholesome foods.  I have wasted so much money trying other programs and always put the lost weight back on. The program hasn’t been as expensive as I thought and I am actually saving money by meal planning and not wasting food.

I’m enjoying my healthier lifestyle (never thought I would say that) and have confidence that I can continue with the positive changes we have made.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Bianca to help you in your wellness journey."

I have been working closely with Bianca for the past 7 weeks and in that time I have lost 4kgs -woohoo! But most of all I have gained a world of knowledge around health both physical and mental, as well as learnt how to listen to my own body and appreciate that everyone’s journey is different. I can’t thank Bianca enough for showing and teaching me that weight loss is achievable by making a few changes to my lifestyle and mindset. 

My experience with Bianca has been worth every cent and I cannot recommend her weight loss coaching enough. In only 7 weeks I am beginning to feel more confident and embrace my body. I look forward to our future sessions and what’s ahead. If you’re thinking about losing weight and need the guidance to do so, commit to Bianca’s coaching. You won’t regret it!
— Sarah L

Caroline G


"If I could scream from the roof tops so that everyone could hear about how much I recommend Bianca I would! I recently took part in the 6 week Road to Renew program, and my outlook on health and wellness has forever changed. I have been able to learn and adjust my health in many ways, some subtle and some dramatic thanks to Bianca.

The holistic approach to the many facets of a busy lifestyle manages to make achieving my health goals realistic. I now understand why I need to feed, hydrate, rest and enjoy my body and I have the knowledge now so there is nothing in my way. 

Thank you Bianca! Your passion is infectious!"

Justine H

IMG_7806 (1).jpg
Bianca, I meant to say a big thank you for all of your help and answers during this journey! Just looking back at my notes and saving all of the recipes. I have lost another 3.5 kgs during the 6 weeks and getting closer to my goal =)

I appreciate your time and effort and I feel very ‘renewed’ with so much more knowledge =)
— Justine H

Marianne K

"I would love to recommend Bianca to everyone! Before attending my sessions with her, I felt extremely bloated all the time, hardly ate a lot of food due to this and my endometriosis was at the worse it had ever been. After only a few sessions with Bianca, my symptoms had improved dramatically and I felt like I was on the road to recovery after several years of feeling like this.  As a bonus, Bianca recommended an excellent PT so I am now back at the gym!"

Before the coaching with Bianca I was not feeling well. I have endometriosis and other health concerns that has been making me feel sick. I decided to begin my health coaching with Bianca because I needed to feel better and just to be myself again and learn to eat healthy again. To one day start a family and I couldn’t do that with the way I was going.

What I found most interesting is that I know I have the will power and I knew that Bianca would set me straight and tell me how it is when i was not having good healthy days. I’m thankful because now I feel healthier and happier knowing that I am putting good food in my body. The biggest difference since I began this coaching is how I look and view food, how I should be fuelling my body and not be putting in junk that will make me have less energy.

What I look forward to the most in the future is how I will feel with more energy, losing my weight and finally being happy within myself. To one day have a family of my own and start my own business and having energy for all of that.
— Hannah T

Hannah T

Joanne H


Dearest Bianca,

I would like to drop you a line to say thank you! Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of balance. I am writing this as I walk along the beach to the sun setting. I now have a better understanding of the importance of taking time for myself, eating a variety of food, being present in the moment and limiting stresses. You have been very approachable, supportive and understanding.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your guidance and wisdom."

The most important things I have learnt from my time with Bianca is that it is all about balance and putting my values and myself first.

 I would highly recommend Bianca’s coaching as it gives you the confidence to make the changes you need. Bianca lives the life she promotes and supports the progression to the life you want to lead. She is real, caring, motivating, supportive and understanding.

Your life can change with the support of Bianca and her programs. It’s a growth to be the person you want to be. If you do not put yourself first, nothing will change. Make the change…..your soul will thank you.
— Jo Maree