Ever Feel Like Running & Hiding From The World?

Like you just can’t take any more of the stress, busy-ness and challenges that life throws at you? Often resulting in emotional eating, right?! That stress can be debilitating and it’s still a feeling I can remember so clearly. My nervous system was in chaos, I would often have a racing heart and I would always use the excuse that “I don’t have enough time!” to do the things that were what my body and soul needed.

This was me playing ‘victim’ to my life and to the world.

…And it got me nowhere! I was taking days off work because I was so tired and sick and eventually ended up with adrenal fatigue, which took over 2 years to fully recover from. (Not fun…not fun at all!).

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It's Not Actually About The Weight!

When my clients first contact me, one of their biggest goals is to lose weight. During their complimentary Body & Soul Strategy Call, we uncover what is REALLY going on for them and what’s blocking them from losing the weight. Because even though they present with a weight issue, it’s not actually about the weight….it goes far beyond that!

Their pain, their struggles and their dreams are far greater than the physical goal of shedding the kgs! Let’s explore this some more.

In our heart-to-heart call, we uncover what their real struggles are. Most often these Beauties feel uncomfortable in their clothes, they feel heavy and fatigued in their body, they are super stressed and have a negative mindset that keeps them on the vicious cycle of eating their emotions.

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How The Heck Do We Stop Over-Eating?

One of the biggest things I coach my clients on is building the skills to avoid over-eating. I've had to overcome this myself many years ago and I'll tell you what...it changed my life!

So many people get this wrong and think it takes willpower or luck! This is not so. The thing is, willpower is something we think of as temporary mental strength that we HOPE to have in certain situations. Some people think they are either born with it or not. So many women get frustrated when they can't see to get it! And many think there is something wrong with them if they don't have it.

I used to always think I was the odd one out, the different one, the one with absolutely zero willpower because I would have no stop button when it came to dips, crackers, portion sizes, cigarettes and alcohol. Especially in times of stress, when I just wasn't feeling good, or even when I was out celebrating with friends.

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How I ditched the diets, lost 22kg's & found lasting wellness

For all you lovely ladies struggling with your weight or food, I feel that now is the time to share my full weight loss story with you. I hope it instills hope and inspiration for you in your life! Enjoy...

For most of my life I have been interested in health. Sport ran in the family, I played since a young age and we grew all our veggies at home on the farm. I played netball since I was 8 years old, I played cricket in my local country home town, I swam in swimming club every Friday night, played basketball, touch football and I did all of this with love. Sport was all around me but my food choices and my self-image let me down.

In my teenage years, a family friend died of cancer and I remember thinking then that I wanted to have a full body scan every year to check my health and ensure that I was ‘ok’. The idea that our life could be taken away from us so quickly scared the heck out of me and I have until this day, always valued the gift of life. And from that point, my health would play on my mind.

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