How I ditched the diets, lost 22kg's & found lasting wellness

For all you lovely ladies struggling with your weight or food, I feel that now is the time to share my full weight loss story with you. I hope it instills hope and inspiration for you in your life! Enjoy...

For most of my life I have been interested in health. Sport ran in the family, I played since a young age and we grew all our veggies at home on the farm. I played netball since I was 8 years old, I played cricket in my local country home town, I swam in swimming club every Friday night, played basketball, touch football and I did all of this with love. Sport was all around me but my food choices and my self-image let me down.

In my teenage years, a family friend died of cancer and I remember thinking then that I wanted to have a full body scan every year to check my health and ensure that I was ‘ok’. The idea that our life could be taken away from us so quickly scared the heck out of me and I have until this day, always valued the gift of life. And from that point, my health would play on my mind.

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