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Bianca interviews leaders in the health & wellness space to bring you life-changing wisdom on how to upgrade
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The Wholesome Women Podcast will inspire, guide & support you to make powerful changes
to your nutrition, mindset & lifestyle.

This will ultimately help you lead your healthiest life, full of confidence, body-esteem, energy & ease! 

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Special guest - Simon from Your Conscious Kitchen


Welcome to the first episode of the Wholesome Women with Bianca Daly and her special guest Simon from Your Conscious Kitchen. 

Bianca and Simon will be talking about the health benefits of eating nutrient-rich whole foods, how poor nutrition can create dis-ease in the mind and body and how quality nutrition can heal. They share their own experiences in their own lives and also the incredible healing that is observed with their clients. They discuss the link between the gut and the brain and how all systems in the body are connected. They talk about the benefits of organic foods and how removing inflammatory and acidic foods can support the mind and the body.

Bianca and Simon believe that the body has an innate ability to self-heal, when provided with quality nutrition and positive lifestyle habits.

Simon can be found on facebook at Your Conscious Kitchen.

Splendour Box.jpg

Special Guest - Elena from Splendour Box

Bianca speaks with Elena from Splendour Box in Perth, who shares with us how she fell in love with the idea of creating a 'wellness box' and how she launched her business in January 2017. Elena talks about how a natural approach to health has helped her son overcome eczema and how her passion is now to share natural, healthy, non-toxic products with the community. Take a listen and join the Splendour Box tribe for a monthly subscription of incredible health and wellness products that you can trust. Splendour box can be found on Instagram, facebook and sign up to their email list for updates via their website.

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