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Are you ready to…

Who You
Achieve Permanent Weight
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6 Month Group Immersion

Over 24 weeks you will shape your body with a delicious dose of self-love, self-respect and self-confidence that is powerful beyond words. You will ditch the self-sabotaging habits once and for all and embrace a life where you are filled with joy, passion and purpose.

Imagine releasing the daily worry that your partner doesn't find you attractive, releasing the stress of not having enough time, releasing the fear of judgement from others and releasing the stories and experiences of your past that have been holding you back. 

Imagine waking up each day feeling connected to your body, letting go of the weight baggage, radiating confidence, feeling excited for your life, feeling inspired and empowered to make healthy choices, as you go about your day with so much ease.

Beauty, it is time to reclaim your divine inherent power, the power that you were born with, as your rise into your radiance and live your greatest life.

Over 24 fun and powerful weeks, you'll shift from:

  • Playing small and people pleasing TO putting yourself first and shining your beautiful bright light.

  • Keeping stuck on the treadmill of self-sabotage TO deeply respecting yourself and your body, as you take back your power with food.

  • Feeling tired and drained from the stress of the day TO waking up with the energy and excitement to do what you love.

  • Constantly crushing your confidence with body-shame and self-hate which keeps you hiding from the world TO falling in love with your beautiful body and with yourself.

  • Feeling overweight, unmotivated and overwhelmed TO releasing the weight that does not serve you as you embrace an empowered mindset and rise into your radiance.

  • Using food as your lifeline to cope with your emotions TO mastering your mind so that you can nurture yourself with the natural innate power you were born with.

  • Feeling lost, unfulfilled and out of control TO knowing your true values, having a clear direction of where you are going and take back the control in your life.

  • Letting your past dictate the way you feel and what you do TO healing your past, embracing your present and claiming your exciting beautiful future! 

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  • Change your mind to change your body

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Learn how to deeply love who you are

  • Overcome the self-sabotage & inner-critic

  • Break free from long-term judgement

  • Rewire your subconscious mind

  • Let go of emotional eating

  • Develop a positive relationship with food

  • Understand what your body requires

  • Develop self-motivation

  • Understand the key foundation principals of permanent weight loss

  • Connect with, and feel gratitude for body

  • Awaken your feminine power

  • Find the joy in life again

  • Improve your sleep and energy naturally

  • Feel supported and accountable every step of the way

  • How to maintain this new lifestyle with ease

  • Plus so much more!

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“I am currently 10 weeks into ‘Soulful Sexy Woman’ and all I can think to say is WOW! 
How my life has already changed in the past ten weeks!

After following Bianca for quite a while I finally decided to contact her when one in particular post she wrote said “Why do we always start on a Monday?”. Personally I would do this all the time, then eat and drink anything I wanted in the lead up to “Monday” because I was telling myself “you aren’t going to have these things anymore” which was completely setting me up to fail each and every time.. and you know what.. I think I knew that!

Mindset has been one of the biggest learnings from Soulful Sexy Woman so far. I had absolutely no idea how badly I spoke to myself and how many limiting beliefs I had pulling me back.

I had been on this constant roller coaster of emotions, self hate and self sabotage for over 10 years and I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t in control and I needed some support, love and guidance from someone who truly knew what I was going through and had a beautiful, caring and natural approach to healing.

I am a small business owner and work from home. I was completely trapped in my own environment by the constant feeling of being “busy” I could go 4-5 days without even leaving the house! I was so “busy” creating the perfect business that I had forgotten the reason why I did it in the first place “work, life balance”.

I have already had two major energy awakenings/breakthroughs working with Bianca and her team and have now after some changes taken back my “work, life balance” added in a tone of self love time and best of all still get everything done with absolute ease!

It most definitely hasn’t been easy, even extremely challenging at times having to really think and reflect on yourself, your actions and your why! BUT it has all been 100% worth it.

Bianca herself is amazing! Having never previously met her, from our first zoom conference I instantly felt at ease, I felt completely comfortable and knew this woman was the one to break down my walls and set me free! Bianca is the PERFECT balance of caring, understanding, pushing, question and accountability!

Bianca I am so absolutely glad I found you and your program! If this is a taste of the first 10 weeks I cannot wait to see how I feel and look after 6 months!”

- Jackee Gors 

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“I’ve learnt to trust the process and put myself and health first. I have nonnegotiable tasks everyday, such as 24 hour planning, movement, 2L water, self love. I’ve involved my family every step of the way. Creating a healthy lifestyle for my whole family. I no longer weigh myself everyday as that number on the scales doesn’t determine my happiness.

In total so far I’ve lost 3.1 kg and 19cm in total. But... more importantly I feel AMAZING.”

- Miranda P

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Total weight-loss to date = 20kg’s in 5 months.
“I have been seeing Bianca for a few months now and wish I had found her many years ago. She has helped me shift the focus from numbers on the scale to looking after myself and improving my overall physical health, mental health and lifestyle. I have more energy, actually enjoy cooking and eating yummy wholesome foods. I have wasted so much money trying other programs. I am actually saving money by meal planning and not wasting food. I’m enjoying my healthier lifestyle (never thought I would say that) and have confidence that I can continue with the positive changes we have made. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Bianca to help you in your wellness journey.” 

- Bronwyn W

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“I have been in Bianca’s coaching program for just 7 weeks so far and in that time I have lost 4kgs -woohoo! But most of all I have gained a world of knowledge around health both physical and mental, as well as learnt how to listen to my own body and appreciate  that everyone’s journey is different. I can’t thank Bianca enough for showing and teaching me that weight loss and loving myself is achievable by making powerful lifestyle and mindset shifts.

- Sarah D

“Bianca, I meant to say a big thank you for all of your help and answers during this journey! Just looking back at my notes and saving all of the recipes. I have lost another 3.5 kgs during the 6 weeks and getting closer to my goal =)

I appreciate your time and effort and I feel very ‘renewed’ with so much more knowledge =)

- JH”


“If I could scream from the roof tops so that everyone could hear about how much a recommend Bianca I would! I recently took part in the program, and my outlook on health and wellness has forever changed. I have been able to learn and adjust my health in many ways, some subtle and some dramatic thanks to Bianca. The holistic approach to the many facets of a busy lifestyle manages to make achieving my health goals realistic. I know understand why I need to feed, hydrate, rest and enjoy my body and I have the knowledge now so there is nothing in my way.

Thank you Bianca! Your passion is infectious!

- Caroline G”

“Dearest Bianca,

I would like to drop you a line to say thank you!

Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of balance. I am writing this as I walk along the beach to the sun setting.

I now have a better understanding of the importance of taking time for myself, eating a variety of food, being present in the moment and limiting stresses.

You have been very approachable, supportive and understanding.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your guidance and wisdom.”

- Jo - 33”


“I would love to recommend Bianca to everyone! Before attending my sessions with her, I felt extremely bloated all the time, hardly ate a lot of food due to this and my endometriosis was at the worse it had ever been. After only a few sessions with Bianca, my symptoms had improved dramatically and I felt like I was on the road to recovery after several years of feeling like this. As a bonus, Bianca recommended an excellent PT so I am now back at the gym! “

MK - 27”