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Start your personalised weight loss journey here with 1:1 coaching and group coaching programs!

Are you unhappy with your current weight? You've tried every 'diet' and nothing seems to work? Or you've only got that final few kg's to lose?

Whichever is true for you, this whole mind-body approach will support all aspects of weight loss, weight management and overall optimal health. 

Through a thorough assessment, we are able to identify how each system in your body is functioning, which helps to determine the road blocks to you achieving your ideal healthy weight. 

It is with this awareness that we are able to implement effective nutrition, mindset and lifestyle factors that will enhance your weight loss and transform your health. All within a supportive, motivating and empathic environment.

What if I said you could achieve all of this while still enjoying your favourite foods, eating out with friends and having a glass of wine? This is called LIFE and finding balance is key.

Taking this complete mind-body approach, you will learn how to:

  • Nourish your body with high quality nutrition
  • Reduce/eliminate cravings
  • Increase mind-body awareness
  • Learn about wholefoods
  • Develop self-love
  • Never diet again
  • Move your body according to your unique needs
  • Identify food sensitivities
  • Balance hormones
  • And so much more

This is not a diet!...

This is not a quick-fix!...

This is a lifestyle approach, not just for now but for life!

I know what it's like to feel stuck in an unhealthy overweight body. It is through this approach that I lost 22kgs many years ago and I have kept the weight off ever since. This new lifestyle will provide you with so much joy, increased self-esteem, a positive mindset, love for yourself and for others, abundant energy and endless possibilities. 

Wouldn't it be nice to finally feel happy in your own skin and comfortable and confident in your clothes?!

I am here to tell you, this is possible for YOU too!

If you are ready to take that next step towards achieving the body and health you desire,
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I'm ready, are you?