Do you desire more energy, reduced stress or to find balance? Do you want to look and feel your healthiest? Would you like better quality sleep or to improve your digestive functioning? Do you wish you could balance your hormones or regulate your menstrual cycle? Improve your chances of fertility or reach a healthy weight? Have a positive mindset? Or to develop a healthy relationship with food?

Are you ready to commit to your health and implement achievable steps that will be life changing? 
This is what I have achieved and so can you!


My name is Bianca Daly and I am the founder of Alchemy of Wellness. I am a Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach here in Perth, Australia and the main health concerns I work with are poor digestive health, fertility concerns, hormone imbalances, low energy, immune conditions, stress and weight issues. I take a whole mind-body approach to identify the root cause of any imbalance and develop a coaching program that is tailored to YOU!

This holistic approach will have you feeling balanced, reduce stress, improve digestive functioning, regulate hormones naturally, make positive food choices and look and feel your best.  All through natural nutrition and lifestyle factors.

This is no quick fix. This is a journey to a life of optimal health and vitality!

Why choose me as your coach? 

I've developed my knowledge through personal experience, desire, passion and years of study which has provided me with invaluable tools, to guide and support you. And, I've been there before! I have worked through many of my own health challenges over the years and it is with this holistic approach, that I have been able to achieve incredible results and witness the innate ability that we have to self-heal. It IS possible!

After losing 22kg's, my health and overall wellbeing still needed much love and attention, as I continued to experience digestive issues, amenorrhea (no ovulation), fatigue, toxicity, high levels of stressI was over-exercising and a perfectionist with my food. Sound familiar?!

Through implementing small, long-lasting changes, I have been able to better manage and reduce stress, heal my gut, nourish my body, allow my hormones to find balance and for my body to thrive. There was no magic pill, just a desire to achieve greater health, and with commitment, this is possible for you too!

It is my passion to help you understand how nutrition, mindset and lifestyle habits pave the foundation for great health and I support you every step of the way. 



OUR GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH! Our body and mind is truly amazing and with the support of natural holistic health, I believe anything is possible